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Sicily–Rome American Cemetery and Memorial

Sicily–Rome American Cemetery and Memorial

The Sicily–Rome American Cemetery and Memorial is a cemetery in Italy for American military personnel who were killed in World War II

Sicily–Rome American Cemetery and Memorial was established in the city of Nettuno (RM) as a temporary cemetery on 24 January 1944, two days after the U.S. VI Corps landing on the beaches of Anzio.

7.861 war dead of the United States of America from World War II rest here. Most of those buried here died in the liberation of Sicily, in the landings in the Salerno area and in the subsequent heavy fighting northward, in the landing at and occupation of the Anzio beachhead, and in the air and naval operations in these regions. Additionally, the names of 3.095 Americans whose remains were never recovered or not identified are inscribed on the walls of the chapel.

A bronze rosette marks the names of those who were subsequently found. 488 headstones mark the graves of 490 “unknowns”. The construction and care of this 77-acre cemetery and memorial are the responsability of the American Battle Monuments Commision, an agency of the United States government. Use of the land was granted, in perpetuity, by the people of Italy.


❝We owe our world war II veterans and all our veterans. A debt we can never full repay.❞ - Doc Hastings

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